Hello, my name is Bri!


I’m a super bubbly person who gets to know others with ease; however, I may not have met you in person, so you may not know who I am!

My name is Brianna, my friends call me “Bri” so feel free to call me that :)
I am a 25 year-old, self-taught artist who lives in the freezing high tops of Wyoming. 🌲❄️

At 18, I started college at the University of Utah. I had plans to study art but was discouraged from doing so, so I double-majored in Nursing and Human Development & Family Studies.

I graduated in December 2020 as a nurse – talk about crazy! 🤪 In school I specialized in Labor & Delivery & think women are absolutely AMAZING!
In 2021 my husband Parker & I moved from Utah to Wyoming, & I now work in the Emergency Room & Acute Care Floor. 
It is my dream to grow @brilewart into a full-time business. I am really hoping & praying 2023 will be that year! 
If you have been with me since 2017 when I started my art page, or 2019 when I started taking commissions for faceless watercolor portraits (if I painted a piece for you – THANK YOU!), or this year. Welcome, & thank you for being here!
It is my mission to create artwork that will bring joy to your soul & peace to your heart. I create with the intent of serving & uplifting Y-O-U! 

My first photo is from earlier this year when I had 112 orders back-to-back! A record for me that I hope to break again!