My name is Bri, I'm a self-taught artist here to brighten your day & beautify your walls.

Every item in my store has been dreamt up & hand-drawn by myself with the intent of spreading light & joy.

Each print is printed with archival inks on heavy-weight custom linen paper from my cozy home in rural Wyoming; from here, your special piece is thoughtfully hand-packaged & sent to you!

"I will not leave you comfortless" Print

"I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you"

John 14:19

"Christ's Embrace"

He meets us where we are.

In a field,

In a quiet hour,

In joy,

In sorrow,

In pain.

He meet you.

He loves you.

He is there when you need comfort & a familiar hug.

"Savior's Hands"

A detailed print of my original graphite drawing.

"Hallowed Prayer"

John 17: 9 - 10  "I pray for them . . . All mine are thine, and thine are mine". 

At the foot of the Mount of Olives, in that sacred garden, at the darkest hour, the Redeemer of the World communed with the Father and offered up the most Hallowed Prayer, and pled for you by name there. 


Make a humble statement & share your testimony of Christ with my stylish, unique, cozy apparel.


A collection stickers. Armed with the ability to withstand both water & natural wear & tear.


Stunning fine art prints created with the intent of bringing light & hope into your home.

About the Artist

Growing up in a small ranching community, I was blessed with a creative mind that was quick to adopt the use of pens, pencils, and paint. Believing the words of my parents and family when they said I was "great at art," I clung to the compliment and ran with it.

Creating is a way for me to capture and convey my emotions, understanding, and beliefs. I want to use my talent to bring beautiful artwork and light into your homes.

Thank you for supporting me,
Bri Lew

"Life of Christ"

Celebrate the legacy of Christ's life in your home with this artistic portrayal of His biography.

Nineteen scenes, one piece.